Live Webinars

Geographically Distributed Multi-Master MySQL Clusters


watch buttonTuesday, February 10th
10:00 am PST/ 1:00 pm EST

Global data access can greatly expand the reach of your business. Continuent Tungsten multi-site multi-master (MSMM) solutions enable applications to accept write traffic in multiple locations across on-premises and cloud providers. This includes the following important real-world use cases:

  • Improve performance for globally distributed users registering hardware devices by permitting updates on the geographically closest site
  • Ensure availability of credit card processing by spreading transaction processing across two or more sites. Users can still process credit card transactions if a single site is unavailable to them for any reason, including end-user Internet routing problems
  • Enable business continuity by using multi-master updates on different hosting providers for service scalability, personalization and software upgrades of GPS devices.

Individual Continuent Tungsten clusters already provide excellent single-site database availability and performance. In this webinar we review the benefits of combining multiple Continuent Tungsten clusters into a global multi-site multi-master (MSMM) topology for:

  • Optimizing your installation for MSMM
  • Optimizing your application for MSMM
  • Monitoring and administration
  • Failover and recovery of individual servers or entire locations.

Clustered MySQL in vCloud Air


watch buttonThursday, February 19th
10:00 am PST/ 1:00 pm EST

Continuent Tungsten provides a full data management solution that is already handling billions of transactions daily for our customers. Over the course of the next few months we are working to certify Tungsten and MySQL in vCloud Air, VMware's new hybrid public cloud. Join us to hear about the following:

  • What is vCloud Air and how can it benefit your company
  • Overview of DBMS operation in vCloud Air
  • Tips and tricks for running Continuent MySQL clusters
  • Roadmap for Continuent in vCloud Air as well as vSphere support.

We have a lot of great work on tap related to vCloud Air as well as Vmware products in general. We hope you will join us for this glimpse into the future of Continuent clustering and replication at VMware.

Real-time Data Loading from Oracle and MySQL to Data Warehouses, Analytics


watch buttonTuesday, March 3rd
10:00 am PST/ 1:00 pm EST

Analyzing transactional data is becoming increasingly common, especially as the data sizes and complexity increase and transactional stores are no longer to keep pace with the ever increasing storage. Although there are many techniques available for loading data, getting effective data in real-time into your data warehouse store is a more difficult problem.

In this webinar we showcase Continuent Tungsten capabilities for continuous and real-time data warehouse loading. We'll share practical tips and a live demo of how to get your data warehouse loading projects off the ground quickly and efficiently.