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Continuent Tungsten Enterprise for MySQL

MySQL Enterprise and Tungsen Enterprise Together Deliver a True Enterprise Grade Database Solution


MySQL Conference & Expo, SANTA CLARA, CA – April 23, 2009 – Continuent, Inc., a leading provider of commercial open source solutions for continuous data availability advanced database replication and scale-out solutions, today announced the availability of Continuent Tungsten Enterprise for customer deployments. Continuent Tungsten Enterprise offers easy to manage, dynamic database clusters supporting MySQL®, PostgreSQL and Oracle®.

Continuent's Tungsten Enterprise provides the highest levels of availability and scalability for applications built using Sun Microsystems’ MySQL Enterprise database.

“With Continuent Tungsten, MySQL becomes a true Enterprise database, able to handle scalability and fail over.  Prior to Tungsten, MySQL was our only single point of failure and thus I could not recommend using MySQL in any critical application that required a high level of availability,“ said William Berks, Enterprise Infrastructure Architect, IEEE Computer Society.

Continuent Tungsten Enterprise is a fully supported, enterprise ready solution for Continuous Data Availability. Continuent Tungsten Enterprise addresses some of the key pain points of MySQL users:


  • Automatic, Seamless Failover: Choose one-step or automatic failover. Java applications can use the Tungsten SQL Router for seamless failover without an intermediate proxy.
  • Automatic Promotion Of Slaves To New Master: If a master database should fail, Tungsten promotes the most current slave to become the new master and point all other slaves to the new master.  Automatically.


  • Consistency Checks: Ensures that the data is consistent after replication of the database has been done.
  • Integrated Backups: Tungsten integrates backups through File Snapshots and database dumps.
  • Time Delayed Replication: Should errors arise, there is a “window of opportunity” to make a correction before damage or corruption occurs.


  • SQL Router: Tungsten SQL Router load balances reads for maximum overall performance, automatically connects the application to the current master and current slaves, plugs directly into Java for native speed to the database
  • Intelligent Load Balancing: Tungsten SQL Router permits client applications to specify a maximum allowed latency on connections, and uses monitoring data to load balance connections onto servers that meet user latency requirements. Load shifts off slow servers automatically, hereby allowing them to catch up.
  • Fast Proxies: Continuent provides very fast proxies for applications that require them.  Proxies allow us to implement seamless failover for non-Java applications with the lowest possible performance penalty.


  • Low-Cost Oracle Replication To Open Source Databases: Replicate data from more expensive commercial databases (Oracle) to less expensive MySQL databases
  • Replication To And From Applications, Message Queues And Files: Tungsten is not just limited to databases. You can quickly extend the Tungsten Replicator to generate XML, put database changes in message queues, and write to applications.


  • One-Step Failover: Reduce failover to a single command that takes databases safely on- and offline, without losing data, and reconfigures the rest of the system accordingly.
  • Auto-configuration: Eliminate administration tasks by auto-configuring system components to adjust load balancing as servers become available, disappear, or exceed latency requirements of client applications.

At the conference, Continuent will be exhibiting its Continuent Tungsten in booth #207, and showing attendees how to build highly available, scalable online database applications with MySQL and Tungsten.

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About Continuent

Continuent, the world's leading provider of Continuous Data Availability (CDA) solutions, offers continuous high availability and incremental performance scaling using commodity hardware and databases. We provide continuous uptime so you can deliver business critical database applications with high data availability and accessibility. We also offer support, training and consulting services to our customers worldwide.

Continuent’s Tungsten solution provides a unique collection of technologies for database scale-out. Tungsten stack is 100% open source. Tungsten is operating system independent and supports both commercial and open source databases including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB.

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