The Complete Continuous Operations Solution for MySQL Database Clusters

Tungsten Clustering Benefits

MySQL Operations

  • MySQL High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution providing redundancy within and across data centers
  • Immediate failover for maximum availability and data protection of business-critical MySQL applications
  • Site-level (HA) and cross-site (DR) failover ensures application availability
  • Reduce MySQL recovery time from hours or days to mere seconds
  • Tungsten Dashboard provides a graphical view and management of all Tungsten clusters

Zero Downtime
MySQL Maintenance

  • Upgrade hardware, software and data without taking applications offline
  • MySQL compatibility means seamless migration of your data and applications
  • Site-level and cross-site failover ensures application availability


  • Load-balance MySQL read operations across multiple replicas
  • Geo-distributed MySQL clusters bring data close to your application users for faster response times
  • Easily add more MySQL clusters or nodes as needed for unlimited scaling, both locally or across the globe

Hybrid-Cloud and
Multi-Cloud MySQL

  • Deploy in the cloud, VM, and bare-metal environments
  • Mix-and-match on-premises, private and public clouds (incl. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure)
  • Easy, seamless migration from cloud to cloud to avoid vendor lock-in to any specific cloud provider
  • Withstand node, data center, zone or region failures or outages

MySQL Proxy

  • Provides intelligent traffic routing to a valid MySQL primary, locally and globally
  • Scale read queries via query inspection and other methods
  • Application and active users do not disconnect during MySQL primary failover events

Most Advanced
MySQL Replication

  • Built-in Global Transaction ID (GTID)
  • Replicator is cluster-aware: can change roles between extractor/applier as required by cluster events
  • Provides data replication statistics in real-time
  • Integrates with our stand-alone Tungsten Replicator, for real-time replication into analytics and data warehouse targets, like AWS RedShift, Hadoop, Kafka, and Vertica
  • Extract once, eliminates the need for ETL when replicating into analytics

Full MySQL Support,
No Application Changes

  • Deploy and configure MySQL clusters in minutes
  • Not a “MySQL-compatible” solution. Use any of your off-the-shelf MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server versions
  • Support for all modern MySQL (5.x through 8.x) and MariaDB (5.x and 10.x) versions and features
  • SSL support encrypts all in-flight traffic
  • Native MySQL support means easy and complete migration of your data and applications


  • Use the free open-source MySQL for your business-critical needs
  • Optimize costs by selecting the most cost-effective cloud environment(s) at any given time
  • Eliminate downtime risks and associated costs, even during maintenance (zero-downtime maintenance operations)
  • Reduce DBA time spent on admin and recovery operations, lowering your costs while increasing reliability

Industry Best 24/7
MySQL Customer Service

  • Highly Qualified 24/7 support. Our support engineers have 15 or more years of MySQL DBA and Site Reliability experience
  • 24/7 support comes with 1-hour SLA, with response times for urgent requests averaging less than 3 minutes
  • MySQL uptime measured in months or years

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