The Complete Continuous Operations Solution for MySQL Database Clusters

Tungsten Clustering Key Features

MySQL Database
Cluster Deployment

  1. Easy deployment of MySQL database clusters in the cloud or your private datacenter
  2. Possibility to mix-and-match on-premises, private and public clouds
  3. Creation of data services for MySQL capable of handling database failures, complex replication topologies, and management of the client/database connection for both load balancing and failover scenarios

Database Administration

  1. Out-of-the-box, geo-distributed active-active MySQL high availability
  2. Continuous operations during all MySQL updates, upgrades and changes
  3. Local failover automation
  4. Automation of most normal database administration tasks
  5. Easily add new sites or clusters


  1. Monitoring scripts are part of the core product
  2. Cron-based watcher script for email alerts
  3. Easy to read, understand and modify shell scripts
  4. Nagios and Zabbix support is included

MySQL Backup, Restore &

  1. Full support and tight integration with MySQL’s mysqldump command and Percona’s XtraBackup
  2. Easy replica re-provisioning
  3. Possibility to backup an unlimited number of replica replicas
  4. Powerful, configurable cron-based backup script, able to select an appropriate node and perform automated backups
  5. Backup and Restore via Tungsten Manager’s cctrl command-line interface

MySQL Replication

  1. Cluster-aware replication
  2. Easy handling of complex topologies
  3. Easy role switches (primary becomes a replica, or a replica becomes a primary)
  4. Automatic switches to other THL sources when required

Management &
Zero Downtime Maintenance

  1. Unified view of all the MySQL cluster resources
  2. Proven engineered rules, communications and tools to control the entire MySQL clustering process end-to-end
  3. Easy node role changes
  4. Correct handling of failures
  5. Node maintenance without impacting operations

Intelligent Tungsten
Proxy & Router

  1. Tungsten Proxy has a full view of all nodes
  2. Intelligently pause and resume client traffic during switches and failovers
  3. Load-balance in multiple ways, including across sites using intelligent proxying and query redirection
  4. Proxy Bridge mode provides full-speed performance with very low latency

MySQL Support

  1. 24x7x365 enterprise-level support is included in all term licenses
  2. SLA of maximum 1 hour with an average of 3 minutes for urgent cases
  3. All layers are supported by the same team end-to-end
  4. Globally distributed staff for follow-the-sun support around the clock
  5. Mature, knowledgeable staff, with decades of (MySQL) experience
  6. Built-in diagnostics-gathering and submission tools covering all layers including the OS and database

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