Use Case: Active/Active MySQL for eCommerce

Our first multi-master customer: how to manage a single sign-on e-commerce portal for millions of worldwide consumers.
User Profile
The first Continuent multi-master customer is a leading fashion e-commerce company with sites servicing customers across the globe. More specifically, it has four multi-brand online stores and several online flagship stores serving millions of customers in 180 countries around the world.
Tungsten Topology
Active/Active Tungsten Clustering – Two or more active MySQL clusters


How to manage a single sign-on e-commerce portal

The challenge this customer faced had to do with managing a single sign-on e-commerce portal for their millions of worldwide customers as well as their need to reduce contention in a single location by balancing traffic to each cluster based on the source website.


Our customer’s current Tungsten Clustering deployment consists of two (2) 3-node MySQL clusters configured in the active/active topology. The Tungsten MySQL clusters are situated in two (2) separate data centers, geographically located in different sites, providing remote redundancy and disaster recovery. They also utilize Tungsten Replicator to replicate out in real-time from each cluster for management reporting.

Benefits - Active/Active MySQL for eCommerce

Disaster Recovery

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MySQL HA/DR: Online Shop Guarantees Store Access With Multi-Site Active/Active Clusters

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