Use Case: Active/Active MySQL for Financial Services

Geo-distributed Active/Active MySQL Replication for Financial Services SaaS Providers. The number one open source database in the cloud, and a leading SaaS database, MySQL enables SaaS vendors to be competitive because it provides cost-effective data security and privacy, performance, and availability.
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This Financial Services SaaS provider provides 24/7/365 application availability for their payment gateway and decryption-as-a-service, which are essential to point-of-sale (POS) solutions. More specifically, their payment and data security technologies protect point-of-sale (POS) and online transactions.
Tungsten Topology
Active/Active Tungsten Clustering – Two active active/active MySQL clusters with 20 production nodes


How to provide customers with continuous availability

Financial Services require two or more active data centers to provide their customers with continuous availability along with quick response times. This customer uses co-located data centers with active/active replication between each MySQL cluster. This provides a complete, local High Availability and a remote Disaster Recovery solution for more than 350 million financial transactions each month.


The two services, payment gateway and decryption-as-a-service, are identical deployments: production, certification, and staging (UAT).

More specifically:

  • Two collocated data centers
  • Active/active replication between each cluster in each data center
  • Full failover within the cluster and between clusters
  • Handle approx. 350M records each month

Benefits - Active/Active MySQL for Financial Services

Geo-Distributed Active/Active
Disaster Recovery
  • Maximum resiliency inside the data center as well as globally
  • Easy to deploy and manage Tungsten Clustering
  • Tungsten Connector (intelligent proxy) provides required abstraction
  • Lower cost through complete solution
  • Customer service provides peace of mind

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No Data Loss MySQL: Guaranteed Credit Card Transaction Availability

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