Use Case: Geo-Scale Active/Active MySQL with Disaster Recovery (DR)

How to build a multi-region, active/active MySQL cloud database back-end capable of serving a global high volume cloud contact center.
User Profile
This global SaaS provider is a Cloud Contact Center solution provider (the leading Salesforce telephony solution), who needed to deliver up-to-date data to clients as quickly as possible.
Tungsten Topology
Geo-distributed Composite Active/Active Tungsten Clusters


Requiring fast response times both for updates & reads, They also need to share data on a global scale.

Active/Active MySQL clustering is needed when there is significant update load on geographically distributed applications. These require fast response times both for updates and reads, and they also need to share data on a global scale.


This customer uses Tungsten Clustering within three (3) geographic locations – US, Europe and Asia. Each location is configured with two (2) 3-node Tungsten CAA (composite active/active) clusters and each geographic region is independent of the other with select common shared data.

Benefits - Geo-Scale Active/Active MySQL with DR

Disaster Recovery
  • Low-latency, regionally geo-distributed data access providing fast response times for read traffic and local, rapid-failover and automated high availability
  • Maintain client connectivity for planned and unplanned maintenance activities
  • Simple administration, system visibility and stability also help create high return on investment
  • Sub-Second Replication across regions

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Global MySQL Availability: SaaS Cloud Contact Center Secures Continuous Operations in multi-region AWS

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