Tungsten Proxy

The Intelligent MySQL Proxy

What Is Tungsten Proxy?

Tungsten Proxy is an advanced, intelligent MySQL proxy on the MySQL ecosystem (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server) that provides key high-availability and read-scaling features. This includes the ability to route MySQL queries by inspecting them in-flight as well as zero downtime reconfiguration upon primary switch.

High Availability
Route MySQL Queries
Zero Downtime

Part of Tungsten Clustering, Standalone in the Near Future

Tungsten Proxy builds upon the well-established Tungsten Connector - the intelligent MySQL proxy for Tungsten Clustering, our geo-distributed MySQL / MariaDB high-availability and disaster-recovery clustering solution with zero downtime maintenance for continuous operations.

The future cloud-based, standalone Tungsten Proxy will offer the exact same functionality as Tungsten Connector with the convenience that comes with an ad-hoc online service: cost-effective, rapid and automated deployment for all MySQL flavors, including MariaDB, Percona Server, AWS RDS MySQL, and Aurora.

How Tungsten Proxy Works

Tungsten Proxy acts as an intelligent MySQL proxy service, sitting between client applications and MySQL data sources in order to balance the load and provide high availability (HA) support. The proxy routes connections from your application servers to the data sources within the cluster, automatically distributing and redirecting queries to each data source according to load balancing and availability requirements.

Application Stack
The Intelligent Application Stack
Tungsten Proxy
The Intelligent MySQL Proxy
Database Nodes

Why Use Tungsten Proxy - All The Benefits

Intelligent traffic routing to a valid MySQL primary, locally and globally
Scale read queries via query inspection and other methods
Application and active users do not disconnect during MySQL primary failover events

Who Uses Tungsten Proxy?

Tungsten Proxy is made for users responsible for MySQL (in all its variants) database systems to easily manage intense, high-traffic database applications without losing availability or requiring applications to understand the database infrastructure.

Tungsten Proxy comes included in the Tungsten Clustering solution and will soon be available as a stand-alone product in the form of an online service.

Tungsten Proxy - Key Features

Failover Handling

In the event of data server loss, Tungsten Proxy can reconnect the application without any down time to a valid datasource

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Provides means to route traffic to valid MySQL pimary or replicas depending on their physical location

Scale Read

Distribute load via query inspection

No Disconnect

Applications and active users are not disconnected during MySQL primary failover

Load Balancing Algorithm Configuration

Offers possibility to configure means to select the appropriate replica (i.e. Round-Robin, Lowest-Latency, Most Advanced Replica)

Tungsten Proxy Webinar

An introduction to Database Proxies (for MySQL)

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Interested in Tungsten Proxy?

Tungsten Proxy comes included in the Tungsten Clustering solution and will soon be available as a stand-alone product in the form of an online service.