Advanced 305: Configuring a Cluster-Slave for Replication to MySQL and Kafka

In this advanced session, we explore how to combine the power and flexibility of the Tungsten Replicator with Tungsten Clustering, enabling you to replicate in real-time out of an existing cluster. This training is for anyone new to Continuent Tungsten or without prior experience. However, it is recommended that you have watched the following earlier training sessions beforehand so as to better understand how Tungsten Clustering and Tungsten Replicator work.

Course Prerequisite Learning
Basics 101: Introduction to Tungsten Replicator
Basics 102: Introduction to Tungsten Clustering
Basics 104: Simple Tungsten Clustering deployments
Basics 106: Simple Tungsten Replicator installation to extract from MySQL

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  • What is a cluster-slave?
  • Overview of Tungsten Clustering
  • Overview of Tungsten Replicator
  • Review possible target environments
  • Demonstrate an installation


Chris Parker
Customer Success Director – EMEA, Continuent

Chris is based in the UK, and has over 20 years of experience working as a database administrator. Prior to joining Continuent, Chris managed large-scale Oracle and MySQL deployments at Warner Bros., BBC, and prior to joining the Continuent Team, he worked at the online fashion company, Net-A-Porter.

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