Basics 101: Introduction to Tungsten Replicator

This 30 minutes training session provides an introduction to how Tungsten Replicator works, covering some basic principles and providing a good understanding of the THL (Transaction History Log) and structure.

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  • About Tungsten Replicator
  • Transactionally Consistent Asynchronous Replicator
  • Sources
  • MySQL Extraction
  • Targets - JDBC
  • Targets - Native
  • Targets - Batch
  • Heterogeneous
  • Transaction History Log (THL)
  • Filtering
  • What Can Filtering Do?


MC Brown
Former VP of Products, Continuent

MC Brown is a professional writer and technologist for over 25 years, an author and contributor to over 26 books covering a wide array of topics, and technical and architectural advisor on databases, cloud and grid computing, and operating system development. During his time he has worked for and with Sun, MySQL, Oracle, Couchbase, VMware, Microsoft and IBM, and written for O'Reilly, IBM, Computerworld, IBM developerWorks and many others.

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