Basics 106: Tungsten Dashboard Overview, Installation and Architecture

In this training session, we'll provide a Tungsten Dashboard overview and discuss architecture, pre-requisites and security limitations. A simple GUI management tool for Tungsten Clustering for MySQL / MariaDB / Percona Server, the Dashboard is usually installed on a standalone web server with HAProxy installed. This training session uses an example of a 6-node composite cluster.

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  • Tungsten Dashboard Welcome
  • Tungsten Dashboard Overview
  • Tungsten Dashboard Prerequisites
  • Tungsten Dashboard Security Limitations
  • Configure the Tungsten Cluster Manager API
  • Test Connectivity to the Tungsten Manager API Directly
  • Install the Tungsten Dashboard
  • Install and Configure the Apache 2.4 Web Server
  • Configure the Tungsten Dashboard
  • Install and Configure HAProxy
  • Test Connectivity to the Tungsten Manager API via HAProxy
  • Access the Tungsten Dashboard GUI via a Browser


Eric M. Stone
COO, Continuent

Eric is a veteran of fast-paced, large-scale enterprise environments with 35 years of Information Technology experience. With a focus on HA/DR, from building data centers and trading floors to world-wide deployments, Eric has architected, coded, deployed and administered systems for a wide variety of disparate customers, from Fortune 500 financial institutions to SMB’s.

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