Tungsten Clustering

Continuous Operations for MySQL Databases

Tungsten Clustering is the only complete, fully-integrated, fully-tested MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering solution running on-premises and in the cloud combined with industry-best and fastest, 24/7 support for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, & Percona Server applications.

It allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL database applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous global operations with commercial-grade high availability (HA), geographically redundant disaster recovery (DR) and geographically distributed active/active.

Continuous Operations
High Availability
Disaster Recovery
Global Scaling

How Tungsten Clustering Works

Tungsten Clustering includes four core components for data replication, data connectivity, cluster management and cluster monitoring. Together, they handle all of the messaging and control of your Tungsten MySQL clusters in a seamlessly-orchestrated fashion.

Tungsten Clustering Makes It Simple to

Create database clusters in the cloud or in your private data center
Keep the data available even when systems fail
Focus on your business and applications instead of DBA/SysAdmin tasks

It Provides Full Clustering Support, Including

Intelligent load balancing
Rapid, automated local failover
Active/active, multi-site deployments

Tungsten Clustering - Key Topologies

MySQL High Availability Topologies

MySQL Active/Active Topologies

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Who Uses Tungsten Clustering?

Typical Continuent Tungsten Clustering customers are SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies looking for the MySQL database and Continuent to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in annual revenue.

Tungsten Clustering has more than ten (10) years of development maturity and is designed from the ground up to provide 24×7 data access.

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