Tungsten Manager

Easily Manage Your Entire Tungsten MySQL Clusters

What Is Tungsten Manager?

Tungsten Manager is one of the three core components of our Tungsten Clustering solution for MySQL database clusters and provides the management and monitoring of the Tungsten Clustering data services.


What Does Tungsten Manager Do?

Tungsten Manager has a number of control and supervisory roles for the operation of the Tungsten MySQL cluster, and acts both as a control and a central information source for the status and health of the Tungsten Clustering data service as a whole.

Unlike just a MySQL manager, Tungsten Manager manages entire MySQL clusters that can be single site or composite, including replication, failover, switch and more.

How Tungsten Manager Works?

Similar to a MySQL management tool, Tungsten Manager ensures that data sources, connectors and other Tungsten Clustering components are running, data sources are replicating to each other, and handles failover and maintenance schedules.

Why Use Tungsten Manager - The Benefits

Together with Tungsten Proxy and Tungsten Replicator, Tungsten Manager helps handle all of the messaging and control of your Tungsten Clustering MySQL database clusters in a seamlessly-orchestrated fashion.

Who Uses Tungsten Manager?

Tungsten Manager is for existing and new Continuent customers. It is a key component of Tungsten Clustering and part of its secret sauce.

Tungsten Manager - Key Features


Monitors the replication status of each datasource within the cluster


Communicates and updates Tungsten Connector, our intelligent MySQL proxy, with information about the status of each datasource


Notifies Tungsten Connector so that queries can be redirected in the event of a change of status


Manages all the individual components of the system


Controls the different components to change status as well as the replication process


Checks to determine the availability of data sources

Rules Engine

The rules engine is used to respond to different events within the cluster and perform the necessary operations to keep the dataservice in optimal working state

Backup &

Backup and Restore may also be handled via the Manager’s cctrl command-line interface

Interested in Tungsten Manager?

Tungsten Manager comes with our Tungsten Clustering solution by default. To find out more, please contact us.