Tungsten Dashboard

Monitor Your Tungsten Cluster

What Is Tungsten Dashboard?

Tungsten Dashboard is a web-based UI for monitoring and managing Tungsten Clustering deployments of MySQL databases. Our Tungsten cluster monitoring tools will allow you to better visualize and administer your MySQL databases.

We provide Tungsten Dashboard in addition to our command-line user interfaces for easy visual monitoring and management of your Tungsten Clusters running MySQL databases.

Users are able to view, monitor and maintain all of their database clusters in one place.


What Does Tungsten Dashboard Do?

The Tungsten Dashboard UI provides full monitoring and control over your Tungsten MySQL cluster environments, including full monitoring information on the status and progress of replication as well as the status of the cluster; and more.

The overall functionality is a large subset of the command-line functionality offered by our cctrl tool.

How Does Tungsten Dashboard Work?

Similar to a MySQL monitor and MySQL monitoring tools you may be familiar with, Tungsten Dashboard is a monitoring and management GUI that is usually installed on a standalone web server.

Tungsten Dashboard’s PHP-based application sends requests to the locally-installed HAProxy which in turn forwards the requests in a round-robin fashion to the Manager API listening on port 8090 on each database node.

Why Use Tungsten Dashboard - All The Benefits

Graphical View & Management

Tungsten Dashboard provides graphical view and management of all your globally distributed MySQL clusters

Monitoring of All Tungsten Clusters

Tungsten Dashboard lets you monitor all of your Tungsten MySQL database clusters whether they are managed locally, across multiple datacenters, in the cloud or a combination of the three

Flexibility - GUI & CLI

Tungsten Dashboard provides both read-only GUI-based monitoring views as well as the ability to execute most of the commonly-used commands available inside the cctrl CLI tool

Easier Cluster Administration

Tungsten Dashboard makes typical cluster administration tasks much easier, since no access to the command-line is needed. Better yet, there is no limit to the number of clusters managed

Interested in Tungsten Dashboard?

Tungsten Dashboard is currently offered free-of-charge to active customers running a compatible version of Tungsten Clustering. If you are an existing customer and would like to use Tungsten Dashboard, please get in touch using the usual Support channels for assistance. You may download the Tungsten Dashboard via our standard Download portal at https://www.continuent.com/downloads.

New customers who would like to use the UI and the Tungsten Clustering product for their MySQL deployments, please contact us.

Who Uses Tungsten Dashboard?

Tungsten Dashboard is available to Continuent customers who are using Tungsten Clustering and would like to work with an easy-to-use, point and click UI to monitor and manage their Tungsten MySQL database clusters.

Tungsten Dashboard - Key Features

Monitor multiple clusters through a single page

Perform switches and failovers

Shun hosts

Recover failed hosts

Unlimited number of clusters to monitor and manage