Tungsten Replicator

The High Performance MySQL Replication Engine

Experience real-time data replication from MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server databases to your favourite high-performance data analytics engines.

Tungsten Replicator is a high performance replication engine that supports MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server. It is fully Tungsten cluster aware and provides advanced features like GTID and filters. In addition, Tungsten Replicator supports replication to various targets such as AWS RedShift, AWS Aurora, Hadoop, Kafka, MongoDB, and Vertica.

Tungsten Cluster Aware

What Are Tungsten Replicator’s Key Benefits?

Active/Active Replication

Global Real-Time Transaction Processing

Tungsten Replicator enables global real-time transaction processing with flexible active/active replication configurations between clusters

Simplified Real-Time Data Aggregation

Tungsten Replicator makes real-time data aggregation of reporting data simple by replicating from multiple locations into a single database server without the need for data transformation

Better Business Decisions

Tungsten Replicator allows users to derive insight from analytics for better business decisions leading to revenue increase


Unlimited Real-Time Transactional Data Transfer

Tungsten Replicator allows for unlimited real-time transactional data transfer to eliminate escalating replication cost of ETL-based alternatives

No More ETL

With Tungsten Replicator, users can get real-time data feeds into their analytics

Parallel Replication

Increased Replication Performance

Tungsten Replicator increases replication performance over native MySQL and increases transaction volumes using parallel replica apply

Tungsten Replicator's Key Features

Real-time, heterogeneous replication out of MySQL into a different target

Platform agnostic replication

Filtering of data down to row-level

Parallel replication

Advanced topologies

SSL for added security

For existing customers: extract from and apply into Tungsten clusters

Additional Features

Tungsten Replicator also filters and transforms data in-flight​. The enhanced functionality and information provided by Tungsten Replicator allows for global transaction IDs, advanced topology support such as active/active, star, and fan-in, and enhanced latency identification.

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Tungsten Replicator Availability

It is available as an AMI and can be accessed via AWS. It is also available as a stand-alone, commercial product that can be downloaded from our website with a valid customer agreement.

Tungsten Replicator OSS Users

While Tungsten Replicator OSS is, for all practical purposes, obsolete, we do encourage you to consider our new Tungsten Replicator AMI; while it is not open source, it is easily accessible and priced accordingly.

How to Get Access to Tungsten Replicator?

Tungsten Replicator AMI on AWS: Replicate GB's of data from as little as 50c/hour


Go to the AWS Marketplace


Choose Tungsten Replicator


Pay by the hour


Launch wizard

Release & Availability

Software is available as an AMI, with a suitable support contract, or during a joint POC.



Advanced filter functionality available in the Tungsten Replicator is listed in the table below.


Filter out objects at schema and/or table level


Filter out data at row level based on one or more column=value matches


Filter out columns from one or more tables


Delay the writing of data to targets


Replicate data into databases and tables with a different name


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