MySQL and MariaDB Clustering Solutions Comparison

Learn why Tungsten Clustering is a better (complete, proven) and more cost-effective (software, 24/7 support and consulting all included) MySQL High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR) and Geographically-Distributed (Geo-Scale) solution compared to Amazon AWS Aurora for MySQL.

For any MySQL clustering to be a complete high-availability and disaster recovery solution, it requires three core components working in sync: connectivity (proxy), management (orchestration) and replication (local/global).

Tungsten Clustering includes three highly integrated and fully tested components Tungsten Proxy, Tungsten Manager and Tungsten Replicator working together to provide both local (individual clusters) and global (multiple clusters working together) data service for continuous 24/7 MySQL operations.

Connectivity Complete and Integrated (Tungsten Proxy)
Orchestration Integrated Business Rules (Tungsten Manager)
Replication Advanced Local and Global (Tungsten Replicator)

ClusterControl provides a database deployment and monitoring tool for MySQL and MariaDB. It helps deploy open source solutions, and for HA the more relevant deployment is Galera Cluster. It does not add any specific additional features to these products however, so the features and limitations of the products still remain the same, and multi-site/geo deployments are still extremely limited. The free version is quite limited and cannot deploy a proxy nor load balancer.

Connectivity Can deploy an external proxy or load balancer (non-free version only)
Orchestration Good
Replication Can deploy MySQL Replication, InnoDB Cluster, or Galera Cluster for local needs, N/A for global needs

Tungsten Clustering is the only complete, fully-integrated, fully-tested MySQL HA, DR and geo-clustering solution running on-premises and in the cloud combined with industry-best and fastest, 24/7 support for business-critical MySQL, MariaDB, & Percona Server applications.

It allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL database applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous global operations with commercial-grade high availability (HA), geographically redundant disaster recovery (DR) and geographically distributed active/active.

Continuous Operations

Local clustering for enterprise-grade high availability (HA) and multi-site clustering for best-in-class disaster recovery (DR).

High Availability

Automated local failover, automated recovery and failback for MySQL and MariaDB clusters.

Disaster Recovery

Composite “clusters of clusters” spread across two or more sites or cloud data centers for a geographically distributed managed mesh of MySQL or MariaDB clusters.

Global Scaling

Geo-distributed and global clusters that are locally and globally aware. Serve a geographically-distributed user base with high availability and performance.

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