End-of-Life Policy

Continuent operates a continuous release schedule, our aim is to release on following basis:

  • One major release version with no fixed schedule (e.g. v6.x, v7.x)
  • One minor (feature) release version every 12 months (e.g. v6.1, v6.2)
  • One bug fix release every 3 month (e.g. v6.1.1)

While we may not always be able to achieve these dates, these are the dates and targets we aim for.

Additionally if critical bugs require fixing we may, on occasion, publish bug fix releases sooner than the 3-month target.

The standard Continuent End-of-Life (EOL) policy for all product versions is 12 months from the release of the subsequent minor (y-version) release (eg v6.1 EOL Date set 12 months from release date of v6.2).

This policy is used to ensure that we can continue to support our customers with the best and latest version of the software.

Throughout the lifecycle of the product we endeavour to help you upgrade Continuent software to the latest version, and to provide you with the most efficient methods and tools to achieve that.

Meanwhile, for a product that is within its support lifecycle, we provide the following:

  • Full support for using and addressing, fixing problems with our software
  • Bug fixes up until EOL is enacted
  • All improvements to existing functionality applicable to the major release version up until the EOL is reached
  • Upgrade assistance to keep your version up to date

Once a product reaches EOL:

  • Upgrades, and assistance to upgrade to a supported version, will continue to be provided
  • Improvements to existing features will no longer be available
  • Bug fixes will no longer be available
  • Support for that version will no longer be provided

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