Tungsten Clustering Benefits:

Advanced MySQL Replication

Extract once - apply many.

Tungsten Replicator is cluster-aware and may be used in conjunction with a variety of in-flight data filters.

Battle-tested by the largest MySQL estates.

Tungsten Replicator is the well-known replication engine behind Tungsten Clustering, consisting of an Extractor and an Applier, writing and reading an easily-transmutable and transferrable data type we call "THL." These real-time replication streams are responsible for keeping all nodes up-to-date, and with the Tungsten Manager and Proxy, you do not need to worry about performance hits, stale reads, or data loss.
Tungsten Replicator was designed, developed and tested alongside the other components of Tungsten Clustering. Multi-purpose the highly transferable and mutable data that Tungsten Replicator uses, THL, for analytics, reporting, warehousing, separate backups, or other purposes. You may easily extract from Tungsten Clusters or any flavor of MySQL and apply to a number of supported targets.
Seamless and intelligent collaboration between three key components: application connectivity, cluster orchestration and the advanced data replication result in a clustering system greater than the sum of its parts - with benefits that no other MySQL clustering solution can claim.

Can Tungsten Advanced Cluster Replication Help in Your Environment?

Deploy Tungsten software on any database infrastructure, including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud.
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Use any Linux Operating System, and any off-the-shelf MySQL or MariaDB including Percona MySQL.

Top Reasons 96% of Tungsten Customers Are "Very or Extremely Satisfied"

Stable, reliable product appreciated for intelligent, modular design
Genuinely-caring support team available 24/7/365
Logical business-case with short- and long-term payoff
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With 96% of Customers being "Very or Extremely Satisfied," Tungsten MySQL HA has more than ten (10) years of development maturity and is designed from the ground up to provide 24×7 data access.

SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies of all sizes all over the world trust Tungsten MySQL HA to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in revenue each year.

How does a Tungsten Cluster work?