MySQL Disaster Recovery (DR) for Continuous Operations

Survive site-level outages with no downtime using a solution that works out-of-the-box.

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Use any Linux Operating System, and any off-the-shelf MySQL or MariaDB including Percona MySQL.

Common Configurations for MySQL DR

MySQL Disaster Recovery (DR) with Tungsten Clustering is a “cluster of clusters" spread across two or more locations. Extending the standalone cluster with a managed mesh to additional sites or regions, you may span within or across Cloud providers (multi-cloud) and can integrate on-premises hardware with Cloud-based instances (hybrid-cloud).

MySQL Primary/DR Geo-Cluster

A “Cluster of Clusters” where one cluster contains the single active, writable primary. All other clusters and nodes are passive and read-only. Typically two or more clusters.

Primary Cluster: one (1) primary + two (2) failover/read replicas
DR Cluster: one (1) relay + two (2) failover/read replicas

In the Tungsten Composite Active/Passive Cluster topology (Active/Passive), there is a single writeable primary node across all sites, and all writes are directed to that primary. The Connectors are multi-site aware and will automatically react to a site failover. Replication flows in one direction only, from the current active primary cluster to the passive DR cluster(s).

This topology provides a highly-available local operations and an active failover site that is also available for reads. It is well-suited for customers who seek the highest level of HA, with the ability to operate applications on both sites, without application changes.

The Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering solution is for SaaS providers, e-commerce companies, financial services providers, gaming companies and telco providers who are seeking five-9s availability for their business-critical and mission-critical MySQL applications.

MySQL Active/Active Geo-Cluster

A “cluster of clusters” where all clusters contain a writable primary. Typically two or more clusters.

Primary Cluster: one (1) primary + two (2) failover/read replicas
Primary Cluster: one (1) primary + two (2) failover/read replicas

In the Tungsten Active/Active Cluster topology (Active/Active), there is one writeable primary node per cluster, and all writes are directed to that primary by the local Connectors. The Connectors are able to use any other site in the event of a local outage; both sites are write-able at all times, and each cluster replicates from all other member clusters.

This topology links highly-available clusters across sites to enable constant availability for updates in two locations separated by high-latency networks.

The Active/Active Tungsten Clustering solution is perfect for those business-critical and mission-critical MySQL applications that require lower latency for local updates while still needing to maintain completely geo-distributed data sets for Disaster Recovery needs. It is recommended for SaaS applications, credit card payment gateways, or online services that must always be available for business.

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