Tungsten Clustering Benefits:

MySQL High Availability (HA) for Continuous Operations

Insure your business-critical MySQL applications with complete, enterprise MySQL high availability (HA) that just works out-of-the-box.

MySQL HA Explained

Primary database failures are detected instantaneously, and new Primaries are promoted automatically, often in a sub-second timeframe, without disrupting connections to the application(s). From the application point of view, a failure never happens. Learn more about MySQL HA in the blog Category below and view a demo from our CEO here: MySQL HA Done Right!

MySQL HA Scaling Use Case

Learn how a small SaaS operation grew into a multi-billion dollar unicorn relying on Tungsten Clustering MySQL HA pod architecture. Whether serving thousands of companies or millions of end-users, online businesses require stable, continuous operations to grow; any downtime, planned or unplanned, will impact revenue, customers, and brand name. Reach out to arrange a free POC.

How is our MySQL HA Different?

Seamless and intelligent collaboration between three key components: application connectivity, cluster orchestration and data replication. No other solution was designed with a fully integrated Proxy, Manager, and Replicator, and many only cover only a limited number of failure events.

How Tungsten MySQL HA Works

See how MySQL HA with Tungsten Clustering makes cluster operations simple and reach out to learn more.

Will Tungsten MySQL HA Work in Your Environment?

Deploy Tungsten software on any database infrastructure, including multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud.
You may complete this questionnaire for a near-immediate response whether Tungsten will work in your environment.
Use any Linux Operating System, and any off-the-shelf MySQL or MariaDB including Percona MySQL.

Common MySQL HA Configurations

Standalone MySQL HA Cluster

Tungsten Clustering with one (1) primary + two (2) failover/read replicas

The Tungsten Clustering HA configuration is designed for sites that strive to ensure constant availability. The standalone cluster is the basic building block that provides easy high availability to your applications without requiring any changes. This topology ensures the ability to perform maintenance on any database server and still maintain an environment capable of HA failover at all times.

Tungsten Clustering is an ideal solution for SaaS providers with Pod Architecture. It provides an excellent HA solution with infinite scalability. Just by adding more clusters, SaaS providers can serve more customers.

MySQL HA Cluster with Read Scaling

Tungsten Clustering with one (1) primary + four (4) or more failover/read replicas

Tungsten Clustering HA with Read Scaling is ideal for sites that require HA and read-scaling for enhanced performance under peak loads. Tungsten Clustering enables the use of the replica nodes to support additional read traffic without impacting cluster performance. Media and consumer web sites should consider this option.

Tungsten Clustering with extra read replicas is for the business-critical MySQL applications with high read/write ratio.

Top 3 Reasons Tungsten MySQL HA Customers Are "Extremely Satisfied"

Stable, reliable product appreciated for intelligent, modular design
Genuinely-caring support team available 24/7/365
Logical business-case with short- and long-term payoff
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With 96% of Customers being "Very or Extremely Satisfied," Tungsten MySQL HA has more than ten (10) years of development maturity and is designed from the ground up to provide 24×7 data access.

SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, gaming and telco companies of all sizes all over the world trust Tungsten MySQL HA to cost-effectively safeguard billions of dollars in revenue each year.