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Geo-Distributed MySQL Clustering Done Right!


With Multiple Active Primary MySQL Databases

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the right way to deploy  geo-distributed databases. We look at the pitfalls of deploying a single site and passive sites, and from there we show how to provide the best user experience by leveraging geo-distributed MySQL. 

When considering geo-distributed MySQL database environments it is important to understand the nuances of having multiple active clusters deployed across sites and clouds. This webinar walks through the proper planning of geo-distributed MySQL for success.

Finally, you’ll learn about our best practices for multiple primary clusters, as well as failover and disaster recovery for MySQL.


  • Why Geo-Distributed Databases
  • Geo-Distributed MySQL Starts With High Performance Local Clusters
  • Extend The Cluster To Multiple Datacenters/Clouds
  • Best Practices For Multiple Primary Clusters
  • Failover & Disaster Recovery
  • Key Benefits


Matthew Lang
Director of Customer Success, Continuent

Matthew has over 25 years of experience in database administration, database programming, and system architecture, including the creation of a database replication product that is still in use today. He has designed highly available, scaleable systems that have allowed startups to quickly become enterprise organizations, utilizing a variety of technologies including open source projects, virtualization and cloud.

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