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How Samsung ARTIK Serves Global IoT Customers in the Cloud


Migrating from Amazon RDS to a Tungsten Clustering multi-site solution running on AWS EC2 instances

As a SaaS provider, you have customers all over the globe. Your business relies on providing a quality service across multiple locations, with the best application and database availability. You also want to be able to expand your business and ensure it will always be available without worrying about how your database will achieve that. In this webinar series, we discuss techniques used by our SaaS customers handling large volumes of customer data and how we support their database requirements while ensuring they don’t have to worry about downtime or failures.

Learn how the Artik division at Samsung migrated from Amazon RDS to a true globally geo-distributed multimaster Tungsten Clustering – a better, more scalable solution at a lower total cost. Watch as we discuss how Samsung did it, without changing their application, all the while regaining control of their data and increasing the availability of their local databases.


  • Subscription experience of four (4) select SaaS customers
  • How we provide revenue protection
  • How we enable global revenue growth
  • Customer case: How Samsung ARTIK serves global IoT customers in the cloud


MC Brown
Former VP of Products, Continuent

MC Brown is a professional writer and technologist for over 25 years, an author and contributor to over 26 books covering a wide array of topics, and technical and architectural advisor on databases, cloud and grid computing, and operating system development. During his time he has worked for and with Sun, MySQL, Oracle, Couchbase, VMware, Microsoft and IBM, and written for O'Reilly, IBM, Computerworld, IBM developerWorks and many others.

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