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Intelligent Database Proxies: Routing & Transparent Failover


This webinar by our proxies guru, Gilles Rayrat, is the second installment of our database proxies webinar series and follows ‘Introduction to Database Proxies’. This second session looks at two breeds of proxies: the “fast & simple proxy” (aka 4 layer proxy) and the “intelligent proxy”; and takes a closer look at transparent failover as well as read-write splitting.


  • Recap: Introduction to Database Proxies
  • Two Breeds of Proxies
    • The Fast & Simple Proxy (4 Layer Proxy)
    • The Intelligent Proxy
  • Transparent Failover
    • Connection / Failure / Failover / Reconnection
  • Read-Write Splitting
    • 4 Layer Proxies R/W Split
    • With Intelligent Proxies
      • SQL Parsing / Application Driven / Smart Scale


Gilles Rayrat
VP of Engineering, Continuent

Gilles has over 20 years experience in software engineering. Previously holding positions at Orange and Xerox, he joined the Continuent adventure in 2005. As the connectivity expert at Continuent, he has worn many hats including software development, QA, support, project and operations management. Gilles has held most of the engineering positions that he now manages, giving him both deep and wide experience.

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