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MySQL HA/DR/Geo-Scale - High Noon #6: Do-it-Yourself (DIY) MySQL Clustering


Do-it-Yourself (DIY) vs. Continuent Tungsten Clusters 

Building a Geo-Scale, Multi-Region and Highly Available MySQL Cloud Back-End

This is the sixth of our “High Noon” Clustering Solutions Comparison series. It’s an interview with Matt Lang, Customer Success Director of the Americas - focused on Do-it-Yourself (DIY) High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), and geo-distribution for MySQL and MariaDB. 

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) for MySQL uses an assortment of tools such as ProxySQL and Orchestrator to provide high availability for MySQL. In case you missed the previous related blog on this subject, check this out: Ten Reasons Tungsten Cluster Beats DIY

You may use Tungsten Clustering with native MySQL, MariaDB or Percona Server for MySQL in GCP, AWS, Azure, and/or on-premises data centers for better technological capabilities, control, and flexibility.

When should you choose DIY over Tungsten Clustering? View the webinar to learn more!


  • Introductions
    • Matthew Lang, Customer Success Director, Americas with breadth and depth of experience in the MySQL space
  • Questions:
    • How did you keep yourself honest in evaluations of competitors?
    • How can one make a comparison between Tungsten Clustering and DIY which involves lots of different tools?
    • Engineers like to build things - doesn’t Tungsten Clustering take some of the fun out of it?
    • Aren’t there lots of ways to do DIY? How did you synthesize this in a way that’s meaningful for those looking for mission-critical MySQL?
    • When would DIY be a solid option over Tungsten Clustering?
    • Any words of wisdom for those out there interested in DIY MySQL or MariaDB clustering?


Matthew Lang
Director of Customer Success, Continuent

Matthew has over 25 years of experience in database administration, database programming, and system architecture, including the creation of a database replication product that is still in use today. He has designed highly available, scaleable systems that have allowed startups to quickly become enterprise organizations, utilizing a variety of technologies including open source projects, virtualization and cloud.

Sara Captain
Director of Product Marketing, Continuent

Sara has worn various hats at Continuent since 2014. Listening to Continuent customers over the years, Sara fell in love with the Continuent Tungsten suite of products. She started learning Linux and MySQL administration with the support of Continuent's amazing team, so she can help with keeping Customers happy. Prior to Continuent she worked in consulting with a focus on leveraging data.

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