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Tungsten Connector / Proxy – The Secret Sauce Behind Zero-Downtime MySQL Maintenance And Multi-Site Clusters


Learn About Tungsten Connector / Proxy Routing Patterns Inside a Composite Cluster

Tungsten Connector / Proxy is truly the secret sauce for the Tungsten Clustering solution. Watch this webinar to learn how the Tungsten Connector enables zero-downtime MySQL maintenance via the manual switch operation, and gain an understanding of the various configuration options for doing local reads in remote composite clusters.


  • Review the cluster architecture
  • Understand the role of the Connector
  • Describe Connector deployment best practices (app, dedicated with lb, db with lb)
  • Explore zero-downtime MySQL maintenance using the manual role switch procedure
  • Learn about Connector routing patterns inside a composite cluster
  • Illustrate a manual site switch
  • Explain read affinity and the vast performance improvement of local reads
  • Examine Connector multi-cluster support


Eric M. Stone
COO and VP of Product Management, Continuent

Eric is a veteran of fast-paced, large-scale enterprise environments with 35 years of Information Technology experience. With a focus on HA/DR, from building data centers and trading floors to world-wide deployments, Eric has architected, coded, deployed and administered systems for a wide variety of disparate customers, from Fortune 500 financial institutions to SMB’s.

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