Use Case: Active/Active MySQL for Telco Providers

Geo-distributed Active/Active MySQL Replication for Telco Providers or: The Active/Active Telco Provider
User Profile
This customer is a Telco provider that specializes in roaming, i.e. complete connectivity solutions around the world. More specifically, they provide a cost-effective, and reliable way for travelers, in particular, to stay connected while traveling across the globe in 200+ countries and territories.
Tungsten Topology
Active/Active Tungsten Clustering – Three active active/active MySQL clusters


Multiple Sites Receiving Writes

This customer needed multiple active sites due to the continuous expansion of their worldwide roaming telecommunications system. In addition, they wanted to leverage read/write splitting to distribute load within their MySQL cluster, without any modification to their application. Before Continuent Tungsten Clustering, they were using Galera clusters, but understood they could not do geo-distributed active/active using Galera and synchronous replication.


The solution this customer opted for involves Composite Tungsten Clustering deployed in three (3) geographically distributed sites, and 3 nodes in each site. What this solution provides:

  • Full HA support, including across cloud regions and/or datacenters
  • Intelligent proxying and query redirection
  • High-speed performance with very low latency
  • Zero-downtime maintenance

Benefits - Active/Active MySQL for Telco Providers

Disaster Recovery

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