Use Case: Continuous MySQL Operations

How to grow a Saas business to thousands of customers thanks to Continuous MySQL Operations - with Continuent Tungsten.
User Profile
A fast-growing marketing automation SaaS provider, scaled from tens of customers to thousands of enterprise customers using Tungsten Clustering (600+ MySQL instances).
Tungsten Topology
Single Tungsten Clustering topology – 200+ Active 3-node clusters


How to grow a Saas business to thousands of customers

SaaS and other web applications are inherently 24/7/365 operations, thus they require zero downtime, even during maintenance operations. As the SaaS user base grows, SaaS providers need to have an easy, consistent and cost-effective model to scale.


Tungsten Clustering is ideal for scalable pod architectures: for this customer, that translates into 200+ 3-node Tungsten clusters (600+ MySQL instances) across their own two physical data centers, with plans to move into the cloud.

Benefits - Continuous MySQL Operations


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High Volume MySQL HA: SaaS Continuous Operations with Terabytes of Data

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