Use Case: Geo-Scale Active/Active MySQL

How to serve global IoT customers in the cloud - and secure SaaS revenue using Tungsten Clustering on cloud-based database services.
User Profile
This customer is a global SaaS provider with an open data exchange platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) with customers all over the globe.
Tungsten Topology
Tungsten Cluster Composite Active/Active (CAA) MySQL


True MySQL active/active clustering in multiple geographical locations

This customer needed true MySQL active/active clustering in multiple, geographically distributed locations, as their IoT devices are deployed worldwide. At the same time, they were proactively planning for a massive increase in database load and, based on previous experience, they knew that it would require additional sharding in AWS RDS.


We replaced an AWS RDS/MySQL solution with Tungsten Cluster CAA composite active/active MySQL solution to offer a geo-distributed MySQL back-end for our customer’s IoT services. The current deployment is two (2) active/active clusters in two (2) different regions in AWS, with 3 nodes per site. With the Tungsten Clustering solution, our customer was also able to combine databases, thus simplifying their overall database deployment.

Benefits - Geo-Scale Active/Active MySQ

Disaster Recovery
  • Multi-region
  • Cross-region replication & failover
  • Consistent performance
  • Scalability
  • Automated failover & recovery

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AWS Aurora MySQL Replacement: Break Away From Geo-Limitations of AWS Aurora With Multi-Region Cloud Databases

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