Case Study:
Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud MySQL Clusters


How to easily deploy and manage multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud MySQL clusters?

The challenge this SaaS customer faced was to set up a hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud MySQL clustering deployment. They needed to do this without downtime.


Simultaneously run and manage database clusters on-premises and in the various Cloud providers, through a single, unified, pane for all MySQL database nodes and clusters.


Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud MySQL Clusters


This customer needed to deploy hybrid-cloud MySQL clusters for continuous operations and then add a cluster in a secondary Cloud, to gain significant negotiation power on the compute instances and avoid vendor lock-in.

User Profile

This is a global SaaS provider for e-signature services, who used to run MySQL active/passive clusters, initially using native MySQL replication and later Tungsten Clustering, on a hosted platform at Rackspace. After migrating to the cloud, they are currently running Tungsten Clustering (with 200+ MySQL instances) parallel in AWS and Azure.

Tungsten Topology

Composite Active/Passive MySQL Clusters. This SaaS customer started with on-premises deployments at Rackspace and now runs there plus simultaneously at AWS and Azure, spreading risk and lowering overall cost.

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