Case Study:
Performant, Geo-Distributed Active/Active MySQL for Telco


How to build a performant, available MySQL database for a global telecommunications platform?

This customer needed multiple active sites to serve the continuous expansion of their worldwide roaming telecommunications system. In addition, they wanted to leverage read/write splitting to distribute load within their MySQL clusters, without any modification to their application. Before Tungsten, they were using Galera clusters, but geo-distributed active/active was not possible with Galera and synchronous replication.


The solution this customer opted for involves Composite Active/Active MySQL clustering deployed in three (3) geographically distributed sites and three (3) nodes in each site. This solution provides:

  • Fully-automated failover across cloud regions and/or data centers for continuous MySQL operations
  • Intelligent proxying and query redirection
  • Zero-downtime maintenance
  • High-speed performance with very low latency


Performant, Geo-Distributed Active/Active MySQL for Telco


Geo-distributed Active/Active MySQL Replication for Telco Providers or: The Active/Active Telco Provider.

User Profile

This customer is a Telco provider that specializes in roaming, i.e. complete connectivity solutions around the world. More specifically, they provide a cost-effective, and reliable way for travelers, in particular, to stay connected while traveling across the globe in 200+ countries and territories.

Tungsten Topology

Active/Active Tungsten Clustering – Three active active/active MySQL clusters.

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