Case Study: Scalable, High Volume MySQL for SaaS


Build a scalable, sustainable MySQL backend for a fast-growing SaaS application

SaaS providers need an easy, reliable and cost-effective method to handle new levels of scale while ensuring 24/7/365 operations.


To sustain high growth, this SaaS startup added hundreds of Tungsten Clusters in a scalable MySQL pod architecture.


Scalable, High Volume MySQL for SaaS

SaaS applications may be shared by hundreds of organizations (tenants), and each tenant may have thousands of users. Thus, the database must accommodate high growth and high volume in a cost-effective way.
User Profile
This SaaS Marketing Automation startup became a SaaS unicorn on MySQL using Tungsten Clusters. It thrived and scaled from tens of customers to thousands of enterprise customers because of MySQL and Tungsten.
Tungsten Topology
The topology that this SaaS provider continues to use today contains standalone Tungsten Clusters in pod architecture – 200+ Active 3-node clusters (600+ MySQL database servers) – spread geographically to serve a global user base.

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