Case Study:
Secure, Geo-Distributed Active/Active for FinTech


How to serve a geo-distributed application with a highly secure and available MySQL backend?

This customer needed a robust, fully-automated MySQL clustering solution to handle more than 350 million financial transactions securely, continuously and quickly each month.


With fully-automated failover within and between clusters, and both sites accepting writes, this deployment is easy to manage. It is also fully encrypted for the highest security and compliance.


Secure, Geo-Distributed Active/Active for FinTech


Geo-distributed Active/Active MySQL Clustering using Tungsten provided this SaaS provider with continuous operations, maximum resiliency, ease of management, and low TCO - hence why they switched from AWS Aurora to native open source MySQL with Tungsten Clusters.

User Profile

This customer is a SaaS provider providing a secure payment gateway. Their technology serves point-of-sale (POS) and online transactions, and thus it is business-critical to ensure 24/7/365 MySQL availability as well as data security.

Tungsten Topology

This customer achieved secure, continuous MySQL availability along with quick response times using geo-distributed Composite Active/Active Tungsten Clustering – that is, two active MySQL clusters with 20 production database servers.

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