Announcing Our New Partnership for MySQL & MariaDB Availability Solutions With Datavail

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ll be partnering with Datavail to provide solutions for continuous & highly available MySQL, Percona Server & MariaDB database operations based on Tungsten Clustering & Datavail Database Services.

Datavail is a renowned, tech-enabled data management, applications, business intelligence, and software solutions provider with a team of 700+ DBAs that look after customers’ database environments.

What are we aiming for?

Together we’re looking to continue to drive momentum in supporting rapid MySQL & MariaDB based application deployments as well as highly available and scalable database implementations for existing and future customers.

This new collaboration is another key element highlighting our joint commitment as authorities in MySQL & MariaDB database solutions for continuous operations, commercial-grade high availability and globally redundant disaster recovery.

What will we be offering?

With this partnership we’ll be providing Continuent Tungsten Clustering solutions for MySQL & MariaDB database operations with the added bonus of Datavail support services of databases, analytics, and applications - and vice-versa.

Tungsten Clustering is a one-of-a-kind software solution that allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB database applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous operations.

Tungsten Clustering makes it simple to create database clusters in the cloud or in private data centers, keep data available even when systems fail and frees the user up to focus on their business and applications.

Our joint statement

“We are very excited to be working together in the MySQL & MariaDB ecosystem. High availability and scaling with automatic resource allocation provide real benefits to database applications of all sizes, and Tungsten Clustering with Datavail Services now provide industry leading solutions for database management, continuity and data recovery,” said Eero Teerikorpi, Founder and CEO at Continuent, and Dan Russell, Datavail’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Alliances. “We feel that our collaboration is going to benefit a lot of customers.”

If you have any questions, please use the comments section below; we’re looking forward to your feedback.

About the Author

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt
VP of Marketing

Jean-Jérôme has been an avid open source (database) marketer for most of his career. Prior to joining Continuent, he was VP of Marketing at Severalnines, a leader in automation & management of open source databases, having come from MariaDB, where he headed up marketing as well. Previous roles include Director EMEA Marketing at Pentaho, Global Sales Ops Mgr at MySQL & Commercial Director at marketing agency Connection2. And all that from his home-base in Dublin.

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