Installing and configuring Tungsten Replicator for off-board Oracle extraction

Join our advanced training session, Tuesday 11/28, as we look at the process of installing Tungsten Replicator to extract data from an Oracle database, via the off-board deployment model. Register today at

We will cover:

  • Review of the Replicator
  • Configuring the Oracle database
  • Installation of the Replicator
  • Configuring the Replicator
  • Off-board configuration for non-Linux environments

About the Author

Petri Virsunen
Former VP of Marketing

Petri brings 30 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, software product development, and social media. Prior to Continuent, he was at VMware’s Cloud Provider Software business unit delivering innovative cloud solutions and programs enabling cloud providers to rapidly transform their businesses with ready-to-run cloud software and services that unleash the power of the unified hybrid cloud.

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