Known Issue Announcement for Tungsten Products and MySQL 8

On Monday April 27th, MySQL released a much-anticipated patch release 8.0.20. Along with many bug fixes and improvements, a new property was introduced – binlog-transaction-compression. During our own internal testing we have discovered an incompatibility with our Continuent Tungsten products when this property is enabled.

The newly-released binlog-transaction-compression feature is really interesting because it compresses transaction payloads before being written into the binary logs, which in turn reduces the disk space overhead required for storage. I’m sure many users will be keen to implement this, however at this time the use of binlog-transaction-compression=ON will prevent Replication from functioning correctly.

This applies to the replication functions within Tungsten Clustering and also the standalone Tungsten Replicator. The underlying issue is due to a change in the way compressed transactions are written to the binlogs when this parameter is in use, meaning that the Tungsten Replicator is unable to decode and uncompress the information.

Our engineers have fixed the issue and we expect to include it in our upcoming Tungsten 6.1.4 release later this month; this naturally assuming it passes our rigorous testing currently being conducted.

All other 8.0.20 features do not cause any known issues, and therefore providing this property is left disabled (the default) then Tungsten Clustering and Tungsten Replicator will continue to function correctly.

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Chris Parker
Director of Customer Success

Chris is based in the UK, and has over 20 years of experience working as a database administrator. Prior to joining Continuent, Chris managed large-scale Oracle and MySQL deployments at Warner Bros., BBC, and prior to joining the Continuent Team, he worked at the online fashion company, Net-A-Porter.

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