Tungsten Clustering and Tungsten Replicator 5.3.0 are here!

Continuent are pleased to announce that the new 5.3.0 release is now available for all our customers.

This is an important release for the core replicator because it includes JSON and generated column support for MySQL 5.7.

The release also contains some major and significant improvements to the heterogeneous replication process, particularly for Amazon Redshift and HPE Vertica, including the ability to translate the DDL between platforms automatically.

Also included in this release, behind the scenes, are some vital improvements which lay the foundations for some upcoming features and products. With the 6.0 release around the corner, and a raft of new products in development for next year, we wanted to make sure that the new functionality is in a stable release before those new releases come out.

Key improvements within Tungsten Clustering:

  • Improved and simplified user-focused logging, to make it easier to identify issues and problems.
  • Easier access to the overall cluster status from the command-line through the Connector cluster-status command.
  • Many fixes and stabilisation improvements to the Connector.

Key improvements within Tungsten Replicator:

  • JSON data type column extraction support for MySQL 5.7 and higher.
  • Generated column extraction support for MySQL 5.7 and higher.
  • DDL translation support for heterogeneous targets, initially support DDL translation for MySQL to MySQL, Vertica and Redshift targets.
  • Support for data concentration support for replication into a single target schema (with additional source schema information added to each table) for both HPE Vertica and Amazon Redshift targets.
  • Rebranded and updated support for Oracle extraction with the Oracle Redo Reader, including improvements to offboard deployment, more configuration options, and support for the deployment and installation of multiple offboard replication services within a single replicator.

Detailed release notes are available here:



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