Watch The Replay: Geo-Scale MySQL Use Case Webinar - Guaranteed Global Game Access for Hundreds of Millions of Players Worldwide

Cloud-Based Active/Passive Tungsten MySQL Clusters @ Riot Games

Thank you for joining us this week for our Geo-Scale MySQL webinar: Guaranteed Global Game Access for Hundreds of Millions of Players Worldwide. This is the story of a global gaming company with several hundred million worldwide players and the challenges it faced serving a gaming application for a large-scale, geographically-distributed audience.

Eero Teerikorpi, our CEO and Founder of Continuent, discussed how to geo-scale MySQL in AWS with Tungsten Clusters, i.e. how to build a global, multi-region MySQL cloud back-end for Player Account Management capable of serving several hundred million users.

The account management challenge is very typical for gaming applications, and for all subscription management systems in general. It requires fast, local response times for read-traffic, a limited number of updates, and a single consolidated view of the data across the world. Hear about the details of this use case by watching the replay of this webinar.

We also still have a wide range of use case topics that will be covered during this series through the rest of the year, which we invite MySQL users to join.

These are the next three webinars in the series:

High Volume MySQL HA

SaaS Continuous Operations with Terabytes of Data - Marketo

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

Join this webinar to learn how to guarantee continuous operations for a SaaS provider with billions of daily transactions and terabytes of data using Tungsten MySQL Clusters.

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No Data Loss MySQL

Guaranteed Credit Card Transaction Availability - Bluefin Payments

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Join this discussion about geo-distributed active/active MySQL replication for Financial Services SaaS Providers and on how to guarantee credit card transaction availability with geo-distributed Tungsten MySQL clusters.

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AWS Aurora Replacement

Break Away From Geo-Limitations of AWS Aurora With Multi-Region Cloud Databases - Samsung

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Find out why and how we replaced an AWS RDS/MySQL solution with a Tungsten Cluster composite active/active MySQL solution to offer a geo-distributed MySQL back-end for IoT services at Samsung.

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We’re looking forward to “seeing” you at one of our Tungsten MySQL use case webinars!

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