New Webinar: Multi-Region AWS Aurora vs Continuent Tungsten for MySQL & MariaDB

We’re pleased to share our webinar Multi-Region AWS Aurora vs Continuent Tungsten for MySQL & MariaDB, recorded live on Thursday, April 18th, 2019.

Our colleague Matt Lang walks you through a comparison of building a global, multi-region MySQL / MariaDB / Percona cloud back-end using AWS Aurora versus Continuent Tungsten.

If you’d like to find out how multi-region AWS Aurora deployments can be improved - then this webinar is for you!

We hope you enjoy it!

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Explore how to deploy a geo-scale MySQL / MariaDB / Percona cloud back-end with the following design criteria:

  • Geographically distributed, low-latency data with a single consolidated view
  • Fast local response times for read traffic
  • Local rapid-failover, automated high availability
  • Ability to deploy masters in multiple regions
  • No changes to application code
  • Complex schema changes while keeping applications available
  • Avoiding provider lock in


Matthew Lang, Director of Professional Services – Americas

Matt has over 25 years of experience in database administration, database programming, and system architecture, including the creation of a database replication product that is still in use today. He has designed highly available, scalable systems that have allowed startups to quickly become enterprise organizations, utilizing a variety of technologies including open source projects, virtualization and cloud.

Watch the Replay

About the Author

Jean-Jérôme Schmidt
VP of Marketing

Jean-Jérôme has been an avid open source (database) marketer for most of his career. Prior to joining Continuent, he was VP of Marketing at Severalnines, a leader in automation & management of open source databases, having come from MariaDB, where he headed up marketing as well. Previous roles include Director EMEA Marketing at Pentaho, Global Sales Ops Mgr at MySQL & Commercial Director at marketing agency Connection2. And all that from his home-base in Dublin.


Hi, I’m Kunitani Sayaka from Japan.I’m requesting about recording “Webinar : Multi-Region AWS Aurora vs Continuent Tungsten for MySQL & MariaDB”.Could you share the document which you’ll use for this or upload to youtube for me ? I live in Japan and it is difficult to view this seminar in real time due to time zone issues.

Hello Kunitani Sayaka, many thanks for your comment and the feedback! We will make the the recording and slides for the webinar available online a couple of days after the live event. In order for us to notify you, please register for the webinar anyway, this way you’ll receive the replay link: again!

Hello Jean-Jerome Schmidt, thank you for getting back to me.I completed the registration.

Hello Kunitani Sayaka, great, thank you, we’ll be sending you an email with the replay & slide links after we’ve completed the webinar. If we can be of any further help in the meantime, please do let me know.

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