Case Study: Geo-MySQL Clustering for Global Operations


How to build a global subscription account management system on MySQL?

Catering to hundreds of millions of gamers around the world reliably and sustainably requires fast, local response times for read traffic, a limited number of updates, and a single consolidated view of the data across the world, which is very typical for gaming applications, and for all account/subscription management systems in general.


The solution we implemented for this customer is comprised of four (4) geo-distributed Composite Tungsten Clusters, with one active cluster in USA West accepting writes and updates and handling local read traffic, and three passive Tungsten clusters in USA East, EMEA, and APAC providing very fast local reads to access the player accounts.

Highlighted Benefits

This, combined with simple administration, system visibility, and stability also helps create high return on investment.


Geo-MySQL Clustering for Global Operations

Geo-scale MySQL - or how to build a global, multi-region MySQL cloud back-end capable of serving hundreds of millions of users.
User Profile
This customer is a global gaming company with several hundred million world-wide player accounts.
Tungsten Topology
Composite Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering topology – One Active Cluster and Multiple Passive Clusters.

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