Case Study:
MySQL High Availability with a Disaster Recovery Site


How to free MySQL from limitations such as infrastructure to ensure business-continuity?

As is common for organizations with business-critical applications, this customer faced a number of challenges with database availability. They needed a hardened, easy-to-manage MySQL clustering solution to free their application from constraints and limitations of database infrastructure.


This gaming customer implemented a composite active/passive Tungsten cluster (CAP), so that their data is replicated to an offsite data center in a managed mesh. With a simple command, they can easily switch the application to the alternative data center.


Scalable, High Volume MySQL for SaaS


Gaming applications require continuous MySQL operations with 24/7/365 data access. They require a solution for MySQL high availability (HA), zero downtime maintenance, and site-wide disaster recovery (DR).

User Profile

This customer is a gaming company who needs 24/7/365 operations, protection from local data center disasters, as well as the ability to perform site-wide maintenance updates without any disruption of service to their users.

Tungsten Topology

Composite Active/Passive (CAP) MySQL clustering topology - For this customer, one active 3-node cluster and secondary 3-node DR cluster in another location.

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