Case Study: MySQL High Availability, Zero Downtime Maintenance and Disaster Recovery for SaaS

Zero Downtime SaaS Provider — How to Easily Deploy MySQL Clusters in AWS and Recover from Multi-Zone AWS Outages

This is the second post in a series of blogs in which we cover a number of different Continuent Tungsten customer case studies that center around achieving continuous MySQL operations with commercial-grade high availability (HA), geographically redundant disaster recovery (DR) and global scaling - and how we help our customers achieve this.

This case study looks at a multi-year (since 2012) Continent customer who is a large Florida-based SaaS provider dealing with sensitive (HIPAA Compliant) medical data, which offers electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management and data analytics for thousands of doctors.

What is the Challenge?

Lack of high availability in AWS. The challenge they were facing came from using AWS, which allowed them to rapidly provision database and application servers - BUT the instances, underlying storage, and management interface were not highly available.

What is the Solution?

By using Tungsten Clustering, they could and can quickly deploy large numbers of Tungsten MySQL clusters in AWS and recover from multi-zone AWS outages. The solution uses the Composite Active/Passive Tungsten Clustering topology – a Pod Architecture with multiple 3-node Active Clusters (for High Availability) and 3-node Passive Clusters (for Disaster Recovery).

The Pod Architecture provides practically infinite scalability for the SaaS providers as they can just keep adding new Pods when and as their customer base grows. Each Pod includes a 3-node Tungsten Cluster deployed in multi-AZ AWS, and a 3-node DR cluster deployed in another AWS Region with all sensitive traffic encrypted in flight (this covers application traffic as well).

What are the Benefits?

The benefits this SaaS provider customer is able to reap from our solution include continuous operations, high availability, scalability and better data protection.

One very important item, often overlooked, is that beside the excellent MySQL HA/DR/Geo-clustering software we offer, Continuent also helps sustain our customer’s continuous operations with our 24/7/365 support.

Our average response time for urgent support requests has been less than three (3) minutes during the past two years. All requests are handled by highly qualified MySQL experts with decades of operational experience with business-critical deployments.

This use case, like the others we’re covering in this blog series, clearly showcases how our solutions and best practices can help customers who manage business-critical MySQL environments achieve the availability, scalability and safe operations with fast response times they are looking for.

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About Tungsten Clustering

Tungsten Clustering allows enterprises running business-critical MySQL database applications to cost-effectively achieve continuous operations with commercial-grade high availability (HA), geographically redundant disaster recovery (DR) and global scaling.

To find out more, visit our Tungsten Clustering product page.

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