Free 14-day Trial of the New Continuent Tungsten Replicator (AMI)

Start your Free 14-Day Trial of the new Continuent Tungsten Replicator (AMI) - the most advanced & flexible replication engine for MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server, including Amazon RDS MySQL and Amazon Aurora.

Having just announced the availability on the Amazon Marketplace of a new version of the Tungsten Replicator (AMI) , we’d like to draw users’ attention to the fact that it comes with a free 14-day trial to get you started with the product.

Tungsten Replicator is a heterogeneous replication solution for MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server, including Amazon RDS MySQL and Amazon Aurora, that provides high-performance and improved replication functionality over the native MySQL replication solution and into a range of target databases, such as MySQL (all versions), Oracle, PostgreSQL, AWS RedShift, Cassandra, ClickHouse, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, MongoDB, Kafka and Vertica. It is available as an AMI and can be accessed via AWS.

Getting started with the 14-Day free trial

To get started with the new Tungsten Replicator AMI, simply launch the types that you need - and the first of each type is FREE for 14 days (AWS infrastructure charges still apply). You will typically need two - one MySQL extractor and one applier to your choice of targets. Please note that free trials will automatically convert to a paid hourly subscription upon expiration.

The following extraction and applier support is provided

Replication Extraction from Operational Databases

  • MySQL (all versions, on-premises and in the cloud)
  • MariaDB (all versions, on-premises and in the cloud)
  • Percona Server (all versions, on-premises and in the cloud)
  • AWS Aurora
  • Azure MySQL
  • Google Cloud SQL

Available Replication Target Databases

Operational Databases

AWS Aurora MySQL
PostgreSQL Oracle

Popular Analytics Solutions

AWS Redshift Vertica

Other Database Targets

Cassandra Clickhouse Elasticsearch
Hadoop Kafka MongoDB

Replicate from AWS Aurora, AWS RDS MySQL, MySQL, MariaDB & Percona Server from as little as $0.50/hour

With Tungsten Replicator (AMI) on AWS, users can replicate GB's of data from as little as 50c/hour:

  1. Go to the AWS Marketplace, and search for Tungsten, or click here
  2. Choose and Subscribe to the Tungsten Replicator for MySQL Source Extraction
  3. Choose and Subscribe to the target Tungsten Replicator AMI of your choice
  4. Pay by the hour
  5. When launched, the host will have all the prerequisites in place and a simple "wizard" runs on first launch and asks the user questions about the source and/or target and then configures it all for them

 We look forward to your feedback on the new Tungsten Replicator (AMI) - please comment below!

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Jean-Jérôme Schmidt
VP of Marketing

Jean-Jérôme has been an avid open source (database) marketer for most of his career. Prior to joining Continuent, he was VP of Marketing at Severalnines, a leader in automation & management of open source databases, having come from MariaDB, where he headed up marketing as well. Previous roles include Director EMEA Marketing at Pentaho, Global Sales Ops Mgr at MySQL & Commercial Director at marketing agency Connection2. And all that from his home-base in Dublin.

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