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Geo-Scale MySQL: Guaranteed Global Game Access for Hundreds of Millions of Players Worldwide


Cloud-Based Active/Passive Tungsten MySQL Clusters @ Riot Games

Riot Games is a global gaming company with several hundred million worldwide players. Serving a gaming application for a geographically-distributed audience is a pretty unique challenge.

The account management is a very typical challenge for gaming applications, and for all subscription management systems in general. It requires fast, local response times for read-traffic, a limited number of updates, and a single consolidated view of the data across the world.

Watch this webinar replay by Continuent CEO Eero Teeerikorpi and find out how to Geo-Scale MySQL in AWS with Tungsten Clusters. How to build a global, multi-region MySQL cloud back-end for Player Account Management capable of serving several hundred million users.


  • Continuent Introduction
  • How to build a global, multi-region active/passive MySQL Tungsten Cluster in AWS Cloud for Account Management
  • Continuent Tungsten Solutions and Benefits
  • Key Benefit Highlight: Geo-Scale MySQL
  • Q&A


Eero Teerikorpi
Founder and CEO, Continuent

The founder of Continuent is a 7-time serial entrepreneur who has more than 30 years of high-tech management and enterprise software experience. Eero has been in the MySQL marketplace virtually since day one, from the early 2000s. Eero has held top management positions at various cross-Atlantic entities (CEO at Alcom Corporation, President at Capslock, Executive Board Member at Esker S.A.) Eero started his career as a Product Manager at Apple Computer in Finland in the mid-80s. Eero also owns and manages a boutique NOET Vineyards producing high-quality dry-farmed Cabernet Sauvignon.

Eero is a former Navy officer and still an avid sailor on San Francisco Bay and around the world. Eero is a very active sportsman: a 4+ tennis player, a rookie golfer, a very careful mountain biker, and an experienced (40+ years) skier, both slalom and cross-country.

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